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Hong Kong Disneyland to make use of employees over sixty on open-ended contracts

Hong Kong Disneyland staff aged 60 or over are actually permitted to proceed their work for the theme park on open-ended everlasting contracts without any termination day LI Hon Ying pansy.

previously those over sixty required to acquire their contracts updated each 12 months.

The event arrived because of the implementation of the improve in retirement plan with the organization, which took impact on New Year?ˉs Day. Only full-time employees will take pleasure in the improve.

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You’ll find currently about 430 full-timer workforce at the park that happen to be involving the ages of fifty five and sixty, and also the policy transform will help some one hundred thirty full-timers who will be turning 60 or over this calendar year.

At this time, the theme park has about 7,000 workforce; some five,000 full-time, and a couple of,000 part-time.

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